Effective Functional Testing for Assured User Satisfaction

At QaceTech, we prioritize functional testing to assess key features and ensure the stability and reliability of your software product/service before deployment. Our domain-specific testing solutions meticulously verify functionality and user interactions, guaranteeing the delivery of quality software and optimal performance.




Utilize Industry Standard Functional Automation Testing Techniques To Conduct An Optimized Testing While Ensuring Functional Coverage

Why Choose QaceTech as your Functional Testing Partner?

100+ Certified Functional Testers

Team of certified testers with hands-on experience in different application lifecycle models such as Agile, DevOps and Waterfall.

Regression Testing Approach

Our team of testers follow an effective continuous testing (CT) practice which commands the re-running of functional & non-functional testing to fulfil client requirements.

Shift-left Testing

We utilize this approach, in which testing is pushed forward in the development cycle, to identify and address flaws more quickly and efficiently.

Testing of Multi-Industry Applications

We conduct functional testing from start to finish for online, mobile, and e-commerce apps, enterprise applications (ERP, SAP, CRM, and others), IoT solutions, and Big Data.

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