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Our skilled team of engineers comprehensively investigate your software application to keep them responsive and stable. At QaceTech, we exhibit hands-on expertise in developing performance tests, highlighting our tailored testing strategy for global clients.

We conduct end-to-end performance & load testing to ensure application performance at peak load for validating the quality and operational capabilities.

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Load & Stress Testing

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Performance Testing Services

QaceTech, a performance testing company, with a team of experts, ensures that each of our clients selects the performance testing tools, application monitoring tools, and tech stack that complement their software development lifecycle, team structure, and testing needs.


Load Testing

Test the application’s ability to handle certain amounts of data

Scalability Testing

Test software’s ability to scale up or scale down according to its non-functional capability

Stress Testing

Check software for robustness by testing it beyond the limits of normal operation

Endurance Testing

Test the application’s capability to endure huge data loads for prolonged periods

Volume Testing

Check system performance under increased data volumes in the database

Regression Testing

Check to ensure that no performance changes impair the application’s performance.

Our Multi-Platform Performance Testing Capability

Mobile Performance Testing

We skillfully conduct performance testing for mobile applications focusing on the software’s stability, operability, and resource consumption in varied conditions.

Website Performance Testing

Our dedicated engineers perform website performance testing to determine the system’s overall performance and responsiveness under typical loads.

API Performance Testing

To reduce performance risks and detect bottlenecks early, we efficiently assess an API’s ability to handle an expected load.

Web-server Performance Testing

Utilizing different key performance indicators (KPIs), we measure a web server’s response time and availability


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