Comprehensive Security Testing for Uncovering System Vulnerabilities

Comprehensive security testing service offering to uncover system vulnerabilities with an aim to minimize risks and target improved quality assurance. QaceTech makes use of a reliable cybersecurity framework to help enterprises maintain business continuity by providing security validation services.

Certified Security Testing Professionals

Zero Defect Leakage

40% Reduced QA Costs


Multi-Domain Security Testing Projects

Security Testing 

Our security testing experts employ a variety of techniques to make sure that our client’s software or application has been tested thoroughly with the most up to date tools and methodologies.


Penetration Testing Services

Cross-site Scripting, SQL Injection, Cross-site Request Forgery, and HTTP Response Splitting

Compliance Testing

Automated scanning and manual security assessment to confirm compliance with industry-specific security guidelines and further assist on alleviating compliance gaps.

App Level Testing Services

Integrity Testing, Authentication Testing, Authorization Testing, Availability Testing, and Non-Repudiation Testing

API Security Testing

To check if they hacked or bypassed on the grounds of authorization and authentication

DevOps Infrastructure Audit

Assessing the technology, tools and processes used in a DevOps environment, Identify security issues specific to application CI/CD pipelines

Source Code Review

Manual & automation source code review to detect possible vulnerabilities with code readability, efficiency, and logic structure to prevent security breaches.

Common Software Security Flaws


User Authentication Issues

Despite best intentions, passwords and user authentication are often security risks for software.

Sensitive Data Exposure

Protecting sensitive information, including passwords, credit card details and payment activities.

URL Manipulation

URL manipulation can pose a threat to your system if your application features important ID and keys within any URL.

Broken Access Controls

Incorrect account configurations can lead to users accessing sensitive data for accounts not associated with their log-in criteria.

Cross Site Scripting

Cross-site scripting can pose a threat to your application if your system supports untrusted data on a webpage without proper validation.


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